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Guild 6-Bell Striking Competition Finals at Nettleham and Dunholme
13th September 2014

John Freeman Cup
at All Saints Nettleham, 6 bells, 8 ¾ cwt.

Judge: Tim Peverett from Derbyshire

General Comments: The judge had difficulty hearing the bells at some points due to noisy buses passing his car where he was marking from. The 3rd bell seemed to cause the most problems. The bells seem challenging due to oddstruckness.

Team 1: Scotter (West Lindsey Branch)

Plain Bob Doubles, 8 mins 15 secs. (Peal Speed 2 hrs 53 mins)

Good Start, Good Structure, Tenor rung well.

Team 2: Bourne (Southern Branch)

Plain Bob Minor, 7 mins 57 secs. (Peal Speed 2 hrs 47 mins)

Well Rung, Good Rhythm, A few quick Backstroke Leads.

Team 3: Grimsby (Northern Branch)

Grandsire Doubles (Plain Courses), 8 mins 41 secs. (Peal Speed 3 hrs 2 ½ mins)

Started Well, Handstrokes spread / stretched out causing backstrokes to pile up.

Team 4: Tealby (Northern Branch)

Call Changes, 8 mins 35 secs. (Peal Speed 3 hrs)

Treble rung well, Certain Changes caused problems.

Team 5: Messingham (West Lindsey Branch)

Plain Bob Doubles, 8 mins 23 secs. (Peal Speed 2 hrs 56 mins)

Pleasant to listen to, large sections of good ringing, Good Leading.

Team 6: Barrowby (Southern Branch)

Call Changes, 8 mins 36 secs. (Peal Speed 3 hrs ½ min)

Changes inconsistent causing hesitations and clashes, Certain Changes caused problems.

Team 7: Lincoln Cathedral (Central Branch)

Cambridge Surprise Minor, 7 mins 31 secs. (Peal Speed 2 hrs 38 mins)

Brisk, Some bells falling over each other, some inconsistent leading, 65’s at Backstroke, Tenor rung very well, second half better than the first.

Team 8: Kirton in Holland (Eastern Branch)

Plain Bob Doubles, 8 mins 34 secs. (Peal Speed 3 hrs)

Steady ringing, Some Good Patches.


The Results for The John Freeman Cup at Nettleham
1st Place Team 1 Scotter (West Lindsey) 35 faults Plain Bob Doubles
2nd Place Team 2 Bourne (Southern) 41 ½ faults Plain Bob Minor
3rd Place Team 5 Messingham (West Lindsey) 45 faults Plain Bob Doubles
Joint 4th Place Team 7 Lincoln Cathedral (Central) 61 faults Cambridge S Minor
Joint 4th Place Team 8 Kirton in Holland (Eastern) 61 faults Plain Bob Doubles
6th Place Team 3 Grimsby (Northern) 74 faults Grandsire Doubles
7th Place Team 6 Barrowby (Southern) 84 faults Call Changes
8th Place Team 4 Tealby (Northern) 85 ½ faults Call Changes

Ted Colley Plate
At St Chad’s Dunholme, 6 bells, 9 cwt.

Judge: Mary Faircloth from Bottesford Leicestershire

Team 1: Coningsby (Eastern Branch)

Call Changes

Practice Piece was Nervous, Test Piece settled well, Had Good Potential.

Team 2: Willingham by Stow (West Lindsey Branch)

Call Changes

Bit Faster than team 1, Confident Ringing.

Team 3: Bottesford (West Lindsey Branch)

Call Changes

Practice Piece had a few problems, Test Piece a lot better, First 80 changes were very good but faltered in the middle but did start to recover by the end.

Team 4: Grantham (Southern Branch)

Call Changes

Confident Ringing, Ticked along nicely, Good consistent ringing.

Team 5: Welton (Central Branch)

Plain Bob Doubles

Steadier Ringing but Good Accurate Ringing, Not many Faults.


The Results for The Ted Colley Plate at Dunholme
1st Place Team 4 Grantham (Southern) 9 ½ faults Call Changes
2nd Place Team 5 Welton (Central) 10 ½ faults Plain Bob Doubles
3rd Place Team 2 Willingham by Stow (West Lindsey) 16 ¼ faults Call Changes
4th Place Team 1 Coningsby (Eastern) 24 faults Call Changes
5th Place Team 3 Bottesford (West Lindsey) 50 ¼ faults Call Changes

Congratulations to all who took part!

C.C.P. Woodcock