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Strategic Review - Resulting Action

As a result of the Strategic Review and the voting made by the members at the Guild AGM in April 2014, certain changes have been implemented to benefit the members and the Guild as a whole.

Two additional positions of Public Relations Officer and Training Officer have been created, but as yet are vacant and members are invited for proposers and seconders for persons who wish to fill these positions. To this effect some job advertisments are included below, detailing what would be involved in these positions.

Also an Officer Nomination form is now available and should be used for nominating Guild officers. It is hoped that the Branches will also adopt the nomination form for their own local elections. The form simply formalises what takes place verbally at the moment, with entries for the nominee, proposer and seconder. Room for any supporting statements is also optionally available.

To assist members with the changes that were brought in at the AGM, some Guidance Notes and an Implementation Plan have been produced. These can be viewed below

It is realised that change is difficult and that there is a natural instinct to resist change. However change is also inevitable and in the case of the Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers, it is also necessary for our survival. The members are therefore urged to consider the attached documents.