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Central Branch Ringing for Cathedral Evensong, 9th August 2015

I arrived (by car) at the Cathedral and was immediately struck by how difficult it is to park. I should have probably brought the bike. Anyway I eventually found a parking space and made my way into the Cathedral and up the stairs to the ringing room. Some rounds on 10 was already in progress, but when the bells stood, the 8th went over, obviously due to a broken stay.

Central Branch Group Picture

The 9th 10th and 11th were rung down quickly to provide access to the 8th, while Sandra Underwood was dispatched to fetch the keys. The rope for the 8th was eventually retrieved and threaded back down to the ringing room, so the bells could be rung again. While we were waiting we decided to have a group photograph.

Ringing on the 12

With the 8th now usable again (admittedly without a stay) we went on to ring amongst other things Grandsire Caters, Little Bob Royal and half a course of Yorkshire Surprise Royal, all interspersed with some rounds on the 12. We finished off with some Plain Hunt on eleven, before ringing bells 8, 9, 10 and 11 down in peal, so that a new stay could be fitted in due course.

The members enjoy the view

We then had a wander out onto the balcony to enjoy fantastic views of the city. It was a clear day and Boston Stump was just about visible in the distance. Several pictures later and we made our way down the tower and out into Castle Square.

View of the Castle

There is a new rule at Washingborough tower that states that the Tower Captain has to buy the ice creams after ringing at the Cathedral (I must have been away when they had that meeting!) so a visit to Dennetts Ice Cream Parlour was in order. Several ice creams were purchased and we sat around in Castle Square and enjoyed our respective mixes of ice cream (chocolate and toffee for me). It turned out that bringing the car had been a good idea as one or two members were in need of a lift home.

Panoramic view from the Balcony

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