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Central Branch Rabbits at Thorpe-on-the-Hill, 26th May 2014

I arrived nice and early at Thorpe on the Hill to find Stan Underwood and Roy Chapman getting things ready for the Rabbits competition.

The numbers were not looking too encouraging, but by about 3:15pm there was quite a church full. Richard Spencer was taking people's names and putting them "in the hat" so to speak. Roy Chapman welcomed the members to St. Michael's and then handed over the Richard Spencer who announced the teams, 6 in all. This is double the number we had last year.

St. Michael's, Thorpe on the Hill
Richard Spencer announces the teams

Mick Stracey was the judge and he took himself off to a nice quite place (the pub?), so he could listen to the bells. Ringing was strictly limited to ringing Rounds and Call changes to level the playing field. Ringing proceeded smoothly and for those not ringing there was a Treasure Hunt and Refreshements, including a dozen or so entries in the "pork pie" contest. Members tasted the various pies and indicated their preferences on a sheet.

Pork Pies for the tasting contest
Mick Stracey announces the results

Eventually the last team finished ringing and Mick Stracey returned to give the results and some feedback on the ringing, which it was felt was of a suitably high standard all round. Team 3 (coincidently the one the webmaster was in) were declared the winners.

The members listen to Mick's feedback
5 members of the winning team
(and Heather Blacklock - photobomber!)

The raffle was also drawn and won by the webmaster. The prize was a rather nice coffee cake that had been baked by Joan Ketteringham. The results of the Pork Pie contest were announced as well and the winner was Sylvia Taylor, who received the much coveted "Onion" trophy. After Roy Chapman had given the answers to the treasure hunt, there was some general ringing on the 6, before ringing the bells down and making our way home.

Jonathan Clark (webmaster)