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Washingborough Surprise Major Practices

Mrs. Susan Waterfall wishes to inform the members that due to the pressures of work, she will no longer be able to arrange the Surprise Major Practices at St. John's Washingborough.

She would like to thank all those who have supported it over the years and especially she would like to thank the local Ringing Master, Jonathan Clark, and the PCC for the use of the bells.

Sue has suggested that just because she cannot arrange the practices anymore, there is no reason why the practice should not continue in one form or another and to this end the regular attendees of the practice have been approached to determine what if anything should happen.

After some discussion it was decided to continue the practice on the 4th Saturday of the month as is presently the case, but perhaps with less emphasis on Surprise Major, especially as in recent months we have undertaken Plain Bob, Grandsire and Double Norwich as well as Surprise Major methods.

It is therefore the intention to continue the practice along these lines.

Please continue to check the Diary and the Guild Website for further information.

Jonathan Clark (Webmaster)