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URGENT! - Guild Review White Papers

As you will know the Guild is currently undergoing some changes. Several working groups have been set up to look into various aspects of the way the Guild operates.

As a result of this, 4 white papers are now available and have been published. Members are asked to review these papers and if you have any comments or suggestions, please feed these back to either your Branch Secretary, or to the Guild Master, Alan Payne, before the end of February.

Remember this is your Guild and how it operates is in your hands. It needs everyone to get involved and have a say. If you like the proposals, fine! You don't need to do anything. But if you think they are wrong, or can be improved then please say something. Please review the white papers below. If they look a bit daunting, then at least have a look at the one sheet summary page which condenses the key aspects of the 4 papers down to one managable sheet.