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Peal at 2021, Scunthorpe - 14th June 2014

When the church of St John the Evangelist became Scunthorpe 20-21 Arts Centre a great deal of effort was expended by Guild Officers to ensure that the local Council would allow the bells to continue to be rung. The main stipulation, of course, is that no one should be allowed to ring without having substantial public liability insurance. This cover is provided to Guild members through their annual subscription.

The tower, which formerly belonged to the Northern Branch, is now in the West Lindsey Branch. It is two years since a West Lindsey band rang a peal for the Diamond Jubilee and it was felt that the people of Scunthorpe should not get too used to peace and quiet! So, the hundredth peal on the bells was rung on Saturday morning, 14th of June. Again, the band were members of the West Lindsey Branch, except for Andrew Lord, who belongs to the Northern Branch. His late grandfather, Frank Lord, was Tower Captain of this church for many years.

The Band (from L-R)
Janet M Clarke, Andrew M Lord, A Debbie Scarf, P Ian Till,
Alison R Elwess, Christopher P Turner, Susan A Faull, Stephen L Clarke

Lincoln Diocesan Guild
, Lincolnshire
20-21 Arts Centre (Formerly Church of St John the Evangelist)
Saturday, 14 June 2014 in 2 hrs 57 mins (17cwt)
5088 Cambridge Surprise Major
Composed by Chris Forster

1 Susan A Faull
2 Alison R Elwess
3 A Debbie Scarf
4 Janet M Clarke
5 Andrew M Lord
6 P Ian Till
7 Christopher P Turner (C)
8 Stephen L Clarke

100th peal on the bells. 100th peal together 4 & 8.
Andrew's grandfather was tower captain here for many years.

Stephen L Clarke